The substance named cannabidiol is derived from plants of the Cannabis Sativa genus. Also known as CBD, it has many therapeutic properties or effects. People consume it themselves and give it to their pets as part of treatment for a wide variety of health conditions. You can use it to deal with everything from fever and migraine headaches to more complex conditions such as epilepsy. CBD is approved by the FDA only for certain forms of epilepsy, but studies suggest that it can be used to effectively treat many other conditions.

On this website, we provide information about CBD, with a focus on the cannabidiol dosage to use for yourself or pets. As with any other product, it is important to consume CBD in the appropriate dosages for the user to benefit the most from the substance. For this to happen, we feel the need to disseminate as much information about CBD dosage as possible. This was one of our reasons for starting this website about cannabidiol.

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