How Do You Decide The Dosage Of CBD?

Selecting a CBD product is a time consuming task, especially if you are a new CBD user and once you are done with product selection, the next thing that you should decide is the dosage. CBD products are available in different forms of varying potencies that has a direct impact on their dosages. The bioavailability of an ingestion method plays a significant role in the dosage decision. The amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream differs according to the ingestion method and the dosages too vary with it.

Why Is Universally Prescribed Dosage An Impossibility?

The body metabolism rate, genetics, weight, diet and several other factors influence the dosages of individuals and the fact explains why a universally prescribed dosage is impossible. A dosage that works for one person need not work for the other and if you are a new CBD user, it is better to start the course with small dosages and increase it gradually until you find out the optimum dosage.

Throughout your CBD course, make sure you record the results so that you can precisely narrow in on the dosage that works best for you.

How Do Dosage Recommendations Vary According To The Types Of Illness?

The severity of the disease condition that one is suffering from plays a crucial role in deciding the CBD dosage and duration of CBD use. Suggested dosage recommendations for various illnesses are given below.

Chronic pain: 2.5 to 20 mg of CBD taken orally

Mobility issues associated with Huntington’s disease: 10 mg of CBD per kg of body weight taken every day for 6 continuous weeks.

Epilepsy: 200-300 mg of oral CBD taken orally.

Schizophrenia: 40-1280 mg CBD taken orally every day.

Glaucoma: A single sublingual CBD dosage between 20 mg and 40 mg

How Does The Type Of CBD Product Influence The Dosage?

The additives in a CBD product will decide its potency and thereby the dosage. Full spectrum CBD products have better potency when compared with broad spectrum and isolate CBD indicating that full spectrum products would be required in lesser dosages.

When two potent CBD products, CBD oil and tincture are compared, CBD tinctures have lower potency than oils because the tinctures usually come with added flavors that reduce CBD concentration. More the amount of added flavors, lesser will be the concentration of CBD in a product. If you are taking CBD products with high concentration, small doses will be enough to give the desired effects.

CBD edibles usually come with added flavors and colors that make reduce their potency.

How Does Intake Method Influence CBD Dosage?

There are different ways of consuming CBD products and each method has a characteristic bioavailability. To address issues of bioavilability with oral CBD products, carrier oils are used by taking into account the fat-soluble nature of cannabinoids.

CBD can be ingested sublingually, taken by adding to foods, applied topically, vaped or smoked. The ways are many. How CBD enters the bloodstream, decides the bioavailability of the products. CBD tinctures and CBD oils are often taken sublingually even though they can be taken by adding to foods and beverages. In sublingual method, the product is taken orally by keeping under the tongue for about a minute before swallowing it. Through the mucus membranes, CBD is directly introduced into the bloodstream, which explains the high bioavailability of the method.

As you take ingestible CBD products like CBD edibles, CBD enters the digestive system prior to getting absorbed into the bloodstream. The CBD extract reaches the liver through the portal vein and in the liver, CBD and other molecules get metabolized. The whole amount of CBD that was in the edible will not enter the bloodstream and the method thus has low bioavailability.

CBD topicals are applied over the skin and they are usually used as skincare products or for targeted pain relief. The efficacy of the method is due to the presence of endocannabinoid receptors on the skin. But topical application doesn’t have the potency as that of ingestible CBD products and therefore the dosages would also be different.

Vaping is a highly bioavailable method of CBD intake, as the CBD is introduced directly into the bloodstream. The interior of lungs has high permeability and thus CBD reaches the bloodstream quickly through the permeable membranes of lungs. The effect of vaping kicks in quickly, but it does not last that long. The dosage of CBD vapes has to be decided by considering the high bioavailability of the method.

It is advisable to consult a doctor before starting CBD use to discuss the dosage with them. If the doctor suggests a dosage by considering the severity of your medical condition and general health state, stick to the decision to avoid possibilities like overdose.