Things to Consider When Determining the Best CBD Dosage

CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
Best CBD Dosage
Best CBD Dosage

Cannabidiol is a cannabis-based substance which comes in various forms including creams, gummies and oil. The best CBD dosage for you varies by the usage and type of cannabidiol you have. There is very little research on the matter, so medical professionals have not yet confirmed the beneficial and safe dosages for every single use.

Research on Dosage

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the consumption of cannabidiol for specific kinds of epilepsy, so medics do not know much about the dosage for other conditions. Like any medication, the right dosage is a well-tolerated one that gives users therapeutic effects.

In clinical research, many different oral CBD dosages have been used that range between 100 milligrams and 800 milligrams a day. Some researches use higher dosages than 800 mg of cannabidiol. In a study, those who have the mental disorder ‘schizophrenia’ reported health benefits after consuming increasing amounts of 40 to 1,280 milligrams daily for a month.

In a recent study on CBD’s effects in individuals with psychosis and Parkinson’s disease, six participants revealed considerable improvement in their symptoms after taking 150 milligrams of cannabidiol daily.

Factors Which May Impact Dosage

Many factors may impact how much CBD you can consume. Depending on why or for which condition you are consuming CBD, you will require a particular dosage. Some need high amounts to control their epilepsy symptoms, but smaller dosages are perhaps effective in treating anxiety.

A different factor that you have to consider before taking cannabidiol is your body weight. In several trials, medical pros calculate a dosage per kilogram of weight. So, individuals weighing less should consume lower CBD dosages compared to those who are bulkier.

Central nervous system (CNS) depressants, including alcohol, may boost your CBD product’s sedation effect. People, who take standard prescription drugs causing drowsiness, should reduce their CBD dosage or avoid consuming it as per their doctor’s advice. Before combining CBD with other cannabidiol-based products and alcohol, you have to ask your doctor if doing so is safe.

You also have to think about the dose in every single type of cannabidiol. A capsule has a particular dosage, but oral solutions’ dosage depends on their volume in milligrams. For instance, a CBD-infused solution that contains 25 milligrams per milliliter can give 125 mg when you take a teaspoon of it.