CBD For Flight Anxiety

CBD For Anxiety
CBD For Anxiety
CBD For Anxiety
CBD For Anxiety

Imagine that you and your family are planning to go to Paris for a vacation. Your kids are excited. You are happy. However, the thought of flying is a little disheartening. You have always hated flying, especially during the take-off time. And over the years, the fear has only increased. You have no idea how to talk about this with your family. The last time you had an over the counter medicine, you could not sleep for two days.

Nothing will matter. You might have people who tell you how it is safer to travel on a flight than in a car. You might be on the best flight and still feel scared. Trying to distract yourself is not easy, no matter how much you try. At one point, you will understand that flying is no big deal. But that does not mean, you will overcome the fear you have. It might have its roots too deep. In such conditions, you have no way other than to take medicines to keep your fear in control.

At some point, the fear will grow into anxiety. The anxiety that you face during flying will not simply vanish. No amount of logic, proof, scientific facts can soothe you. Even though you are safe inside the flight, your brain will scream about how you are falling down.

This issue is not only faced by a few. The fear of flying is sometimes just a fear which can be pushed away but sometimes it is a phobia that has to be treated. When the situation is grave, the common remedy is to take proper medication. If you are looking for a natural medicine to cope with this issue, you might want to consider CBD.

CBD has been rising in popularity in the last two years since its legalization in 2018. It is being used to treat

  • insomnia
  • chronic pain
  • stress and anxiety
  • depression
  • epilepsy
  • seizures
  • inflammation

As studies are yet to be done on CBD and its effect on the human body, we are not sure how beneficial it is. People who have used it have confirmed that it is effective. So, despite the lack of solid results, more people are already using it.

What Causes Fear Of Flying?

If you ask that question to a person suffering from flying phobia, they will simply shrug their shoulders and say “I have no idea”.

Flight anxiety may not have a proper cause. It could be because of a bad childhood experience like turbulence or maybe a noisy neighbor. Passengers on a flight can also have bad days. They might be sick or have fainted, in the worst situation, pass away due to a cardiac arrest. When a fellow passenger has to witness these, he or she is bound to not forget it easily, which might be just a small fear that might turn into a phobia over time.

In some situations, being stuck with a rude or uncooperative co passenger can also lead to fear. You might have to sit through the entire flight helplessly waiting for the plane to land. Some experiences can be the worst. You might get off the plane promising yourself to not to travel on plane again. It could be anything. It necessarily might not even have happened to you. You could have had a friend who had a bad experience on a flight.

In some cases, it might have nothing to do with flying! Height is another common fear. The sight of the building below or the clouds might remind you of how high above the ground you are. This can awaken the fear of height or falling.

Does CBD Help With Flight Anxiety?

Yes, CBD is a proven soothing agent and has properties that will calm our nerves down. It has been used to help cope with anxiety widely.

What exactly is CBD? CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant of the cannabis family. Unlike other plants from the cannabis family, hemp does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, in high concentrations. In fact, according to the Farm bill, industrial hemp should not contain more than 0.3% THC. CBD has therapeutic properties and will not get you high. CBD extracts do not contain enough THC to get a person stoned.

Using CBD for anxiety has been proven effective in some studies and more research to strengthen the claim is yet to be conducted. However, people who have used CBD have reported that they saw significant changes.

CBD reduces anxiety by regulating the serotonin levels in our bodies. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating our mood and other activities. Low serotonin concentration in the body will lead to anxiety.

CBD For Plane Anxiety

Why is CBD the best option for plane anxiety? As said before, CBD is legal. Also, it is available as different products including chocolates which makes consuming it pleasurable especially during stressful situations like flying. The side effects of CBD are not severe either.