Reasons Why CBD May Not Be Working For You

CBD To Treat Digestive Issues
CBD To Treat Digestive Issues
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

Most of those new to the circuit may be riddled with question, of which one of CBD will work for me? For those who do manage to go ahead with the decision, they do so without any prior knowledge and will go for a strain or a dosage that is not insufficient for their chemical make-up. You will be left not getting the best of the beneficial outcome that you truly deserve from the CBD product that you’re using.

We have decoded a few reasons as to why the CBD benefits are not working for you. So before you throw in the towel and decide to quit, listen to what we have to say.

Reasons Why The CBD Product Isn’t For You

  • CBD Product Not From A Reputed Company

What happens when there is boom of businesses that are completely unregulated with respect to the quality and procedures they follow for production? You get plenty of bad apples in the bunch. Especially in the US, the FDA hasn’t given the thumbs up yet because of which there are plenty of newcomers out there that are not following the quality control checks, proper labelling, certification and other required practices.

It has been noted in a survey by JAMA (Journal of American Medicine), that as much as 69% of CBD products do not contain the amount of CBD that they have listed on their labelling. One way in which you can avoid getting duped is to ensure you get the best CBD products which are third party tested. This will ensure that the dose you are taking is what you are getting!

  • You Require More Time

Herbal medication doesn’t work just as fast as over-the-counter prescription drugs. In the case of CBD, it can take way beyond a couple minutes for the effects to start showing. It may sometimes take as much as a week or maybe even longer than that of consistent use to start showing positive effects.

  • CBD May Have To Build-Up In Your Body

Understand this, CBD works different for different people based on their chemical makeup, age, weight, size and physique. It is generally an accepted fact to start off with a small dosage, and increase to a point where it starts showing positive results.

Over time, the CBD content taken in by you will need to be steadily increased, and it is only over a long period after which you can ascertain if CBD is truly a boon for you.