What you Heard Wrong about CBD?

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CBD Oil Dosage
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CBD Oils

CBD products have been recently making its name in the market and to block its growth, several misconceptions about its use have been circulating. These misconceptions make people doubt the products rather than appreciate the benefits. Some common misconceptions that are circulating about CBD are

CBD is Marijuana

The misconceptions arise because both CBD and marijuana are derived from cannabis plant. The source being same has nothing to do with the products being the same. CBD is derived from the hemp of the cannabis plant unlike marijuana which is derived from the flower of the plant. THC is the main psychoactive element of the cannabis plant and the percentage composition of THC in CBD is very low and cannot make you go high.

CBD Lacks Psychoactive Properties

CBD is psychoactive for a good reason. It is completely wrong to say that CBD is intoxicating. CBD can be used in the treatment of anxiety and depression due to its positive psychoactive properties. Thus CBD is a non-intoxicating psychoactive product.

CBD Oils Can Only Be Used by Adults

The misconception is rooted in the other misconception that CBD is marijuana. The effects that CBD products and marijuana produce in body are altogether different. THC content in CBD is minimal and till date, no study has been able to prove that CBD is unsafe to children in any way. On the other hand, CBD has been successfully used in treatment of children suffering from epilepsy.

It is Illegal to Use CBD

This misconception prevents the flourishing of enterprises that are into CBD business. Purchase and use of CBD products obtained from the hemp of the cannabis plant is legal in the US. The hemp isn’t included in the Federal Controlled Substances Act and this is what makes CBD legal.

CBD Oils are Addictive

This belief is baseless. There is no chance that one can get addicted to CBD. Studies have been able to prove that CBD oil is effective in reducing the feeling of pleasure during intake of addictive drugs like morphine. Thus CBD oil is effective in weakening the addictive effects of such drugs.

CBD Transforms to TCH on Entering the Body

One earlier study has suggested that CBD could change to TCH inside the body, but only under strict experimental conditions. This isn’t going to happen in practical situations and there is no need for worry.

Whatever Be the Source, All CBD is the Same

This is not true at all. Because CBD oil is a new entry to the market, enough regulations ensuring product quality hasn’t been made. There is no guarantee to the quality of CBD oil obtained from a random source. CBD that is obtained from a trusted plant source and has its ingredients properly labeled only can be called a fine quality CBD.