Frequently Asked Questions On CBD Microdosing

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In your search for the best CBD dosage that suits you, you might come across the term ‘microdosing’. Here is a list of FAQs regarding it. Check it out if you wish to figure out the ideal CBD dose for you.

What Is Microdosing?

To know what microdosing cannabidiol is, you must be aware of the basics of administering a CBD oil dosage. Usually, people take a large quantity of the product a few times a day. On the other hand, microdosing is about taking tiny doses of it at regular intervals. This will mean CBD working at the level of cells.

The thing about microdosing is that what you have consumed at the end of a day will be the same as your recommended dosage. In other words, if you are medically advised to take 10 milligrams of CBD a day, microdosing just splits it into 2 mg of it for 5 times. This way, your total dosage for the day will remain the same, even as you are ingesting it in a different manner.

Who Does It Best Suit?

Microdosing is good for not just a new CBD user but also those keen on knowing the way to support the endocannabinoid system (ECS) so that it functions optimally. Each individual responds to cannabidiol differently from another one. Therefore, microdosing could just help to know in a better way how the body reacts to cannabidiol. It could also help one to discover the appropriate CBD oil dosage for them.

What Are Its Advantages?

When the body absorbs cannabidiol into the flowing blood, the substance stimulates the ECS. Stimulating it will enhance cannabidiol’s effects that help to create homeostasis. The word ‘homeostasis’ refers to the human body’s capability of maintaining balance within it when it encounters stress from the outside. Microdosing lets you have a steadier level of cannabidiol in the body more times of a day than what you would have with other methods of CBD ingestion.

Can I Take Microdoses Of Any CBD Product?

You can, but we suggest doing it with a ‘whole-plant’ or ‘broad-spectrum’ type CBD product. Both products contain phytocannabinoids other than cannabidiol, terpenes, and flavonoids. Therefore, you will have a beneficial effect of multiple cannabinoids working together versus each working by itself. This combined effect of the various cannabinoids is called the entourage effect.