Micro-Dosing And CBD

CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits

CBD has left a mark for the better. People have started to accept CBD with open arms and the number of users jumping to the other side is only growing with each passing year. With so much about CBD being discussed on various portals, one thing that goes amiss all too often is the correct method of intake; more so the most effective way of intaking it.

One such jewel of a method includes microdosing. We will be going through what microdosing is and also what is the way in which you can implement it into your wellness regimen. Read on…

Microdosing CBD: What People Get Wrong

People think that microdosing simply means taking small amounts of CBD or cannabidiol, waiting for the effects to show and then ingesting more till a point you are happy with the results. What microdosing involves is the taking of small amounts of the CBD and then doing so on a consistent basis to receive the plethora of CBD health benefits.

Doing so will ensure that there is a gradual increase in the health benefits because of the CBD build-up in the body over time. A study held at the University of California demonstrated the positive effects that microdosing has on the body. The study entailed the CBD use for neuropathic pain; the study finally concluded that those who microdosed at 1.29% felt better and had experienced better pain relief that those who used a medium dose at 3.35%. Not just that, the effects were felt longer when microdosing than for those who had the usual dosage.

Why Does This Happen?

The science behind microdosing in the case of cannabidiol is still up for grabs. Scientist and researchers have rattled their minds on trying to decode exactly how CBD manages to work the way it does. As of now, there are merely hypothesis on how it could be working and how microdosing CBD does what it does.

However scientists believe that microdosing lower dosage consistently is more effective that higher single doses because of the interaction with the endocannabinoid system or ECS; particularly the interaction with two receptors in the ECS, being CB1 and CB2, the receptors that are responsible for feelings of mood, pain, appetite. Higher doses make these receptors less responsive, it is believed.

Although the science is still catching up, it doesn’t mean you need to take the back seat. Instead hop on and welcome CBD into your lives, and be ready to be taken for the wellness ride of a lifetime!