What Are The Factors Affecting CBD Onset Time?

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CBD Oil For Phobia
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CBD Benefits

The negative stigma surrounding cannabidiol is waning due to expanding legalization and widespread use owing to CBD benefits. For many first time users one of the most obvious questions is “How long does it take to feel the effects?” This is a very important question that matters in selecting the right kind of product and a lack of understanding may result in overdosing. Read on to understand what are the factors that affect the onset times of CBD products.

To begin with, it is important to understand how CBD works to produce its effects. First CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream where it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors CB2 and this interaction results in its benefits. Moreover, the mode of intake, concentration and physiology affects the speed at which it is absorbed into the blood-stream and feeling the effects.

Method of Intake

Different methods have different bioavailability i.e. the duration for which CBD remains in the bloodstream. Consuming CBD oil sublingually has one of the fastest onset times because it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through many veins and salivary glands under the tongue. The onset time is usually 15 to 25 minutes. Inhaling CBD vapours using a vape pen is fast because it is absorbed directly through the lungs with onset time 10 to 20 minutes. Consuming CBD orally has an onset time of 20 to 30 minutes because of low bioavailability. After all, some of the CBD is filtered out when passing through the digestive tract.

CBD ointments and lotions are used as topical for its anti-inflammatory property with an onset time of 25 to 45 minutes. CBD injections are an option, but they are not popular and the onset is immediate because it is delivered directly into the bloodstream.


Depending on the type of extract used the onset time varies. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum extracts have higher bioavailability due to entourage effects. Whereas CBD isolates deliver higher concentration with a lower amount. Therefore, the latter has a faster onset time but the effects last for a shorter time due to its lack of the entourage effect.


The most important factor will be weight, a heavier person will require a higher dose of CBD and vice versa. Therefore, the onset time might be longer for heavier people. Moreover, other factors such as age, metabolic rate and gender can affect this as well. Hence, the best CBD dosage and thereby onset time varies according to the physiology

Therefore, when you are beginning to use a CBD product it is necessary to do diligent research and a trial and error method is required to arrive at the optimal dosage.