Treatment of Phobias Using CBD

CBD Oil For Phobia
CBD Oil For Phobia
CBD Oil For Phobia
CBD Oil For Phobia

Phobias are more common than you think. In fact, a person might never know of a phobia he or she has. For instance, to discover whether one is afraid of heights, he/she should get on top of a tall building. According to the National Institute of Mental Health in the US, around 10 percent of people have specific phobias, 7.1 percent suffer from social phobias, and 0.9 percent of them have agoraphobia. However, the positive thing about phobia is that it can be treated by therapy or medications. CBD is widely used as an anti-anxiety agent which is why it can be useful in treating phobia. Being milder and with very few side-effects, it is the best choice to treat phobias.

What Is A Phobia?

Phobias are basically anxiety disorders that are triggered by the fear caused by something, that in reality, is not a threat. Phobias can be simple and complex.

Simple phobia is the fear and anxiety caused by simple factors like animals, objects, activities or situations; for example, spiders, clowns, snakes, etc. Complex phobia is severe fear sourced from a situation that is rooted deep inside the mind; for example, fear of public transportation, shopping malls, etc.

How Do People Get Phobia?

Usually, phobias are conditions that take root during childhood or teenage and it continues into adulthood. Some scientists believe that phobias can be carried down in the family.

Cause Of Simple Phobia

Simple phobias usually start in childhood when a bad experience frightens one to the core. Being bit by a dog when one was a child can cause him/her to be afraid of dogs until they undergo therapy. Some scientists say that phobias are learned during the early stages of life. Seeing a person with a fear of heights can influence a child to develop the same fear. Another factor that can cause simple phobia is the behavior of parents. Anxious parents usually have children who have phobias.

Cause of Complex Phobia

The causes of complex phobia cannot be pinpointed. However, researchers say that complex phobias can occur as a result of genetics, brain chemistry, and life experiences. The chances for a person to develop complex phobia depends on the number of people having anxiety in their family.

Therapy For Phobia

Therapy is one of the most preferred methods for treating phobias. It is believed that the problems faced by the mind can be completely solved only by treating the mind.

CBD Oil For Phobia

To clearly understand how CBD oil helps to treat a phobia, one should know how their brain reacts during phobia. The brain automatically reacts when one is stressed or anxious. When faced with the situation causing phobia, the brain overreacts.

The usage of CBD for anxiety is common now and it is because of this property of CBD that it is effective against phobia. CBD oil help regulate anxiety and prevents the brain from overreacting.